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At MB Sports, our boats come standard equipped with everything you need to enjoy your time on the water from day one. Whether you are an experienced boater or purchasing for the first time, our Tomcat and B52 series, are manufactured with quality components and experienced artisans so that our customers can stop debating the price and start enjoying boat ownership.

Our Standards

It’s Not an Option...It’s a Standard

The MB Sports Tomcat Series broke the mould when we developed an alternative bow and created an aggressive, modern look that is the pickle fork design. MB maintained traditional characteristics from our racing heritage sustaining performance without compromising the luxury style playpen. The eye catching lines of the Tomcat series makes a statement on the water no matter which model you choose.


MB Sports - F24 TomcatMB Sports - F22 TomcatMB Sports - F21 Tomcat




Build Your OwnBuild Your OwnBuild Your Own

The MB Sports B52 Series was specifically designed in the early 90's for wakeboarding enthusiasts demanding more on the water. Using our unique deep V hull, we've been able to crossover into the wake surf market to provide the best of both worlds. MB Sports continues to make waves in the market place with the introduction of the MB Switch system and our quick fill ballast. Wakeboard to wake surf is as easy as pushing a button.

B52 Series

MB Sports - B52-23MB Sports - B52-21

B52 23

B52 21

Build Your OwnBuild Your Own

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